Providum provides professional service, advice, assistance and guidance to organizations seeking to manage their exposure to aviation risk.

Distilling decades of knowledge and experience, we provide you with the best possible service, tailored to your specific operational need.



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Remote or on site oversight of operations, ensuring aviation activities are conducted in accordance with regulatory requirements, client policy, or industry best practice.

We provide independent aviation audit services for regulatory compliance, airworthiness or safety & risk management.

Providum auditors have extensive experience with the aviation safety standards used in the Oil & Gas, Mining and business aviation industries.

Conducting structured investigations into accidents, near misses or high potential incidents allows your organization to determine effective controls, thereby preventing recurrences of similar events. 
A trained aviation investigator is available to lead your investigation, or provide subject matter expertise to your existing team.

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Whether you need a Safety Management System designed and implemented from scratch or you are looking to streamline and improve an existing system we have the experience you need!
We pride ourselves in being able to develop practical solutions that meet the expectations of responsible management as well as the most demanding end client.

Assistance with defining or updating your organization's documentation for aviation related activities, bridging client standards for a project, reviewing standard operating procedures for compliance, as well as preparation of manuals required by regulators. These are a just few examples of where we can be of service!

If it's managing your subcontractor approval process, providing advice on the technical aspects of a contract with an aviation service provider, or just acting as coordinators during the project setup phase - Providum can smooth the way!
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Providum Aviation Services offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you address the most complex aviation related issues in your organization.


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