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Providum Services Ltd. was founded to provide pragmatic and effective aviation risk management advice and services to the aviation, mining, and oil & gas industries. We take pride in our ability to translate the complexities of aviation risk into pragmatic solutions tailored to a client's unique needs. From offshore helicopter crew change, jungle seismic programs, airborne survey projects to non-scheduled airline charter and most activities in between, we stand ready to assist with managing risk in your operation.

Code of ethics for aviation auditors and consultants


Our Code sets fundamental ground rules, and acts as the compass for all corporate activities.

In all endeavors we will serve our clients with the utmost integrity and objectivity.

We undertake to provide only impartial, fact based advice and assessments.

We will anticipate and avoid conflicts of interest, and will disclose any circumstances or conditions that we believe could adversely influence judgment.

No assignment will be accepted unless we possess the experience and competence needed to serve the client effectively.

We will treat client information as confidential, and will safeguard it from unauthorized access.

Map of Providum service area


Our ever expanding service area

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