Providum exists to solve the critical aviation risk issues facing our clients. Our pragmatic risk based approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations manage aviation risk and optimize performance and productivity.

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Need help planning or executing your next project?

Providum's experienced advisors can provide remote or on site oversight of operations. Our goal is to ensure that the use of aviation resources is done in accordance with regulatory requirements, client policy, or industry best practice.

Specialist oversight ensures that issues are detected earlier, and informed decisions are made to minimize any adverse impact on a project or operation.


Providum's aviation audit services are bespoke to each client's requirements. Independent auditing brings a fresh look to the aviation risks your organization faces, and can offer meaningful savings on internal audit and compliance monitoring costs.


Auditors are fully trained, certified and experienced, and use proven best practice audit methodologies to bring the highest value possible to our clients. The ISO 19011 standard is applied to all audits.

Providum has extensive experience with leading Oil&Gas and Mining industry aviation safety standards.

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Conducting structured investigations into accidents, near misses or high potential incidents allows your organization to discover the true causes behind an unwanted event. This is essential to be able to design effective barriers, take the right corrective actions and to avoid the recurrence of similar incidents.

A trained aviation investigator can lead your investigation, or provide subject matter expertise to compliment your existing investigation team.


Whether you need a Safety Management System designed and implemented from scratch, or you are looking to streamline and improve an existing system we have the experience you need!

Bringing years of experience with SMS for small and medium sized operators we pride ourselves in being able to develop practical solutions that meet the expectations of regulators as well as the most demanding end client.

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If it's managing your subcontractor approval process, providing advice on the technical aspects of a contract with an aviation service provider, or just acting as coordinators during the project setup phase - Providum can smooth the way!
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